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De Nederlandse Vereniging van Leraren in de Alexander Techniek heeft een protocol opgesteld voor omgang met de lessituatie tijdens de coronacrisis.

Corona-protocol – Nederlands .pdf
Corona-protocol – Engels .pdf



  • Dit evenement is voorbij.

Workshop voor trainees en leerlingen met Lucia Walker (UK) Sharyn West (ZA)

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Lucia Walker (UK)
Sharyn West (ZA)

Workshop voor trainees en leerlingen

“Being a thinking, feeling, seeing, breathing, moving being.”

In this workshop we will focus on cultivating curiosity via exploration of spectrums of movement and stillness, ease and effort via the thoughtful processes that create these.

We will share some activities and investigate some concepts central to Alexander Technique ‘exercises of an ideo-motor nature’. Our experiential approach seeks to playfully explore the neurobiology of everyday action. We will share with you how we demonstrate, explore and explain the principles that underlie Alexander Technique. We will explore how and why that promises a way of cultivating control of human reaction and performance.

We are able to entertain a wide range of experience, motivations and interests and have experience of tailoring  materials and activities to mixtures of abilities, persuasions and levels of understanding English language.

Lucia Walker
I have been teaching AT internationally to both individuals and groups for over 30 years. I work with a wide range  of people including young people, people with chronic illness, professional musicians and singers. I am also a  movement artist and teacher specializing in improvisation and finding ways to fully enjoy moving and to be fully present in the moment of performance. I emphasise curiosity, playfulness and appreciation in my teaching and in my continuing learning. Enjoyment of the sense of vitality and well-being that arose from learning Alexander Technique, and a desire to supportpeople to be more fully themselves and to express themselves more easily in their chosen life activities, stimulated me to train as a teacher and keeps me curious about teaching for all these years!

Sharyn West
I was trained by Dick and Elisabeth Walker and qualified in 1994. Since then I have taught privately and on teacher training courses, at intensives and at International Congresses. My approach relies on activity and experience- based learning. My current focus is on exploring and teaching the aspect of Alexander Technique that is
described as ‘exercises of an ideo-motor nature’ and how that relates to living, phenomenological, continuous research that is based in the proposal: “ Thought is action”. I aim to cultivate curiosity for lifelong learning and have a special interest in conveying both the depth and simplicity of Alexander work to people of diverse backgrounds and motivations.


12 oktober 2019
13:00 - 17:00




Cliffordstraat 38, 1051 GV Amsterdam
Cliffordstraat 38
Amsterdam, 1051GV Nederland
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